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Finance & Accounting

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No other team has their finger on the pulse of our business like our Finance and Accounting team.

In addition to core financial activities such as Financial Reporting, Accounts Payable, Auditing and Tax, we look to our Finance and Accounting team for strategic leadership in areas such as Operations, Sales, Supplier Development, Manufacturing and Business Development.

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  • Q: What is your role in Finance?
    A: Right now, I have a dual role. I work with distressed suppliers by offering operational and financial support to make sure Chrysler's production is uninterrupted. I also work in business development finance, supporting mergers and acquisitions. It's an exciting time to be with that group, as Chrysler is working to reestablish our presence in China, expand into fast-growing Russia and follow FIAT into South America.
  • Q: What were you looking for in your career?
  • Q: What makes the culture at Chrysler different?
  • Q: What type of car excites you?