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What You'll Do

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Behind some of the most innovative automobiles in history are the professionals within the Product Design and Engineering organization at FCA US.
A sound technical foundation is the price of entry. Add empathy for customer needs and desires, a dose of passion for the product and pride in a job well done, and you will qualify as a candidate for the group. If you think you're up for the challenge, join the team creating the next generation of automotive excellence.

    It all starts with the customer—what they think of the brand and its products, what they think of the competition, what needs motivate their purchase. Our product planning team uses market insight to drive the emotional appeal of our brand through the creation, engineering and launch of our vehicles. A job here puts you at the center of our creativity.


    The future of automotive design is here today at the Design Studios. From interior and exterior design to ergonomics, from the materials used to the color and trim design…each facet of every vehicle of every brand—and how they come together—is a labor of love for these teams.

    Each design team is composed of designers, studio engineers and clay modelers working with Advanced Vehicle Engineering to create dimensionally accurate, full-size production models for evaluation. Our designers and engineers work as a team to ensure the aesthetics and functionality of every design fulfills our promise to the customer to meet their needs for innovative, reliable and durable cars and trucks. We believe that's the secret to the legendary products from FCA.


    From its inception, we have been known to many as an engineering company. A continuous succession of creative engineers has provided technical solutions for the automotive industry: from the early use of high-compression engines, overdrive transmissions, electric windshield wipers and rubber engine mounts to the Stow 'n Go®  seating, truck five-link coil over rear suspension, Sirius backseat TV and the Rambox® of today.

    Joining such an elite team promises personal fulfillment—the kind that comes with the freedom to think bigger and push harder while pursuing advancements that are changing the industry landscape. Equipped with state-of-the-art virtual analysis tools, you will have access to the most comprehensive testing facilities under one roof. Here, your contributions will help shape a new generation of vehicles from the cornerstones of environmental responsibility, sustainability and affordable mobility.



    Our innovations have become auto-industry milestones. From the first mass-produced high-compression engine and full-time power-steering system, to Stow 'n Go® seating and the pioneering application of a coil-spring rear suspension on a full-size pickup. Even the modern cupholder owes its existence to FCA. Such advancements are made possible because of our commitment to engineering. We value engineering because engineering adds value to our products, and the lives of our customers.
    Collaboration and communication are the cornerstones of our engineering organization. Thoughtful engineering solutions are not conceived in isolation. So we integrate a full range of disciplines to inform our processes. Customer-interface design requires an understanding of biomechanics and human factors, while advanced vehicle structural foundation is only possible with critical input from body engineers. Our electrical engineering teams help us move the needle in the fields of electronics and controls, while chassis engineers devise innovative systems to deliver superior ride and handling.




    Our engineers are the reason our powertrains set the pace for fuel efficiency and performance. Their specialties are applied to enhance the current capabilities while envisioning new engines, transmissions, drive lines, calibration and controls, electrified propulsion and engine electrical systems.
    With the Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Plug-in HEV, Battery Electric Vehicles and the development of a new hydraulic hybrid system, FCA engineers continue to pursue alternative solutions to propel our vehicles. This is the ideal career destination for motivated engineers in a wide variety of disciplines to create technologies with truly global impact.


If you're a determined achiever, someone who's not afraid to tackle new challenges, you will find the variety and growth opportunities at FCA the perfect career fit. Learn about the jobs now available in Product Design and Engineering.

Ready to take your career further? Get in and drive.