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Supply Chain

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The Supply Chain Management team at FCA works in the core of our business—at the center of our activities and our success. 

Composed of five interdependent departments, our Supply Chain Management professionals are responsible for the planning and logistics behind every component of our product, incoming and outgoing, to the delivery of our product to our dealers and customers. It’s a big role, and it makes for a fast-paced, high-energy work environment where you will be continually challenged and developing.

SCM is an action-based organization where collaboration among all disciplines and areas is constant. Our Supply Chain Management team is at the hub of this collaboration, working with areas from Sales and Marketing to Engineering and Manufacturing to coordinate smooth and efficient operation.

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Supply Chain Management


  • Q: What does Chrysler offer a new graduate?
    A: I think what’s really unique is the way leadership encourages your personal career development. For example, I’m part of an informal rotation program with four other new graduates. It’s allowed us all to see “the big picture” more quickly, take on bigger responsibilities and gain leadership experience right away. I’m encouraged to find my own way through challenges and to take control of my role.
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