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Our Commitment

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"As CEO of FCA US LLC, I have taken on the role of executive sponsor of the Global Diversity Council to underline the importance of diversity in our company. I personally feel privileged to have the opportunity to lead this company…and to work with all of you to build this company and our great brands into all we know they can and should be. That effort starts with leadership.

Our Diversity Strategy and initiatives are governed by the Global Diversity Council, composed of the senior leadership of the company. The Global Diversity Council provides leadership on actions and initiatives contributing to our inclusive workplace culture and multicultural marketplace.

Great leaders are those who have the courage to challenge the obvious, to travel uncharted paths, to break away from convention and the old way of doing things, to be unpredictable to the competition and to go beyond the tried and tested—men and women who understand the concepts of service, of community and respect for others. That's the kind of behavior we all must expect of each other and of ourselves. It leads to an engaged culture.

Culture is the fabric that holds organizations together. It is not just an ingredient for success; it is the essence of success itself. What will make all of this possible is the culture we are going to build with great teams based on mutual respect and openness.

FCA US LLC and its people have a future with promise. We will reach the full measure of that promise only as one, united diverse team."

Sergio Marchionne
Chief Executive Officer
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.


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Diversity starts at the top. That’s why FCA US' Diversity Statement was penned by Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. The Diversity Statement was signed by the entire Leadership Team and is displayed in every FCA facility across North America as a visual commitment for leadership to create an environment where all people are valued and respected, as well as serving as role models of inclusive, respectful behavior.