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Employee Resource Groups

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Having the opportunity to network with people who share our perspectives helps us collaborate effectively, learn to voice our ideas, build professional relationships and take pride in our accomplishments and ourselves. Our nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a major role in our success as an organization by providing opportunities for professional development, networking, outreach and cultural enrichment.
Sponsored by FCA's Global Diversity Council, our ERGs are initiated, chartered and governed by employees. The groups provide diversity training, mentoring programs and leadership programs supporting a culture of development and growth. Monthly ERG meetings bring members together to share information and plan events. All employees are encouraged to participate in workshops and seminars.


Learn about FCA Employee Resource Groups and Clubs, and the ongoing professional development opportunities they represent.

    Our Mission: '"Ensure FCA US LLC achieves and sustains world-class performance in all aspects of our business by providing inspiration, education, exposure and development of our African American employees."
    The African American Network (CAAN) provides, promotes and expands opportunities for employees at FCA US by sharing information, facilitating career development, promoting awareness and influencing growth. Network participation allows you to take advantage of opportunities to network with FCA US staff at all levels and divisions. It creates mentoring, networking and professional development opportunities. And it encourages growth through programs that target key business and personal issues. It also provides a forum to increase business skills through volunteer work. Our vision is to be a vital resources to Chrysler GroupFCA US LLC in product development, recruitment, retention, marketing, manufacturing, corporate reputation and community service.
    Our Mission: "Actively enhance FCA's competitive advantage by fully supporting the commitment toward workforce diversity and by promoting Asian employee participation in all business units."

    The Asians Connected Together network (ACT) promotes greater awareness of Asian cultures and the value that they bring to FCA. Our ACT network affords you many platforms to learn new leadership skills, such as Speed Networking events, Brown Bag Luncheon Seminars and Communication Workshops. Through our community and professional involvement opportunities, you may also take on new leadership roles. The relationships you create with people will have a direct result on your experiences at FCA, and broaden your access to colleagues and internal contacts from all career levels and across all areas of our business.
    Our Mission: "Leverage the unique backgrounds of our employees and create an engaged, motivated workforce that connects our company to our consumers and the communities we live in."

    LinC is the catalyst that helps maintain a vibrant Latin community at FCA. We strive to leverage the unique backgrounds of our employees and create an engaged, motivated workforce that connects our company to our Latin culture, consumers and communities. Our key role is to provide the right venues, tools and programs to our members, to help them make this connection and develop outstanding leadership skills
    Our Mission: "To promote an inclusive culture within FCA through education and awareness, and to provide support for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender persons through business and networking activities."

    GALA promotes a positive awareness of LGBT people and issues within FCA. We organize and participate in educational, social, networking and service events in keeping with GALA’s mission and vision while supporting a written diversity policy and corporate diversity training that specifically includes LGBT people. GALA makes full use of the wealth of background, thoughts and opinions that a diverse environment offers.
    Our Mission: "To create an amiable, diverse, productive environment at FCA through cultural awareness and education. Encourage recruitment and support opportunities for Native American citizens in our community. Provide developmental and promotional opportunities to Native American employees."

    The First Nations Group offers its members the opportunity to maximize their potential while preserving and promoting their cultural identity and heritage. First Nations provides and expands opportunities for employees at FCA through the sharing of information and facilitating career development through mentorship. Their members support and participate in many events and programs to help raise understanding and awareness of Native American culture, both within the company and the community.
    Our Mission: "Expanding the viability of FCA by influencing the development, reputation and sales of our products, by encouraging women to be engaged in our company, industry and community."

    FCA Women's Forum (WF) provides a non-competitive atmosphere in which women employees can openly exchange ideas and information. WF provides opportunities to develop leadership, network across divisions and areas of expertise, and share information. Our focus is on education and career development through mentorship. We also facilitate communication that champions the cause for workforce diversification and the promotion of women leaders.
    Our Mission: "To educate, entertain, network and inspire employees and their families and promote the advancement of the management profession among Club members by broadening their abilities, capabilities and interests through a variety of networking and career development opportunities."

    Established in 2005, the Management Club's Young Professionals Group is the fastest growing group within the FCA Management Club. It is dedicated to providing young professionals with the opportunities for networking and education that can help them take their careers as far as they desire. It encourages growth through mentorship and hosts programs on key business issues that raise awareness and promote the sharing of ideas. It also provides opportunities to increase business skills through volunteer work.
    FCA has a long history of providing support to our Armed Forces. Over our 83-year history, we've provided manufacturing equipment, WWII B-29 bomber engines, Sherman tanks and our legendary go-anywhere Jeep®. We've enabled our military employees deployed to active duty peace-of-mind via policies that ensure extended pay and benefits. Equally important, FCA employees are encouraged to support our military through volunteerism, personal involvement and professional affiliations.
    The UAW/FCA Local 412 Veterans Committee supports the company's efforts by providing veterans and/or their extended families with education on military/veteran-related topics, as well as support and camaraderie through networking and social events.
    The FCA Running Club is the ideal group for employees who wish to boost their fitness level, reduce stress and support their overall health and well-being. Ran by employees for employees, the club's events are designed for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. From corporate racing events, to city and regional meets and even social gatherings, the FCA Running Club provides support, camaraderie and sense of accomplishment that makes fitness fun.

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