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Our Strategy

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The Company’s commitment to diversity and leadership on diversity related issues is woven into our entire business, including our work force, supply base, marketing efforts, dealer network, and our communities.
This commitment is a longstanding and ingrained part of our culture. Encouraging diversity throughout our extended enterprise is not only the right thing to do, but it breeds innovation, mutual respect and openness, and is vital to our sustainability as a company.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    At FCA US LLC, we believe it is our diversity of talents and perspectives that allow us to take visionary approaches strategically apply new technologies and forge ahead in our industry in innovation and performance.

    FCA US actively recruits a diverse workforce. We seek out top talent at colleges and universities and we work closely with professional diversity organizations to identify high-potential diverse candidates. We also offer many opportunities to meet with our team at diversity events across the country.

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    In addition to the dealership programs, FCA US is committed to creating a diverse and sustainable supply base that directly reflects our customer base. In 2015 alone, the Company spent $3 billion with approximately 230 minority-, women- and veteran-owned suppliers, representing 8 percent of the Company’s total annual purchasing. Since 1983, we have purchased nearly $55 billion from diverse suppliers. 

    Our dedication to supplier diversity has led us to create innovative programs, such as our annual MatchMaker event, which provides minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses access to FCA US leadership and buyers, tier one suppliers and leaders from advocacy and certifying organizations. MatchMaker has generated more than $2.5 billion in new business opportunities for minority-, women- and veteran-owned suppliers since 2000.

    The Company’s Community Action Days initiative organizes employees in service projects that help meet urgent social and economic needs in different communities where FCA US employees live and work. It is our ongoing commitment to create events in which people of all ages and backgrounds come together to improve lives and bridge social barriers.

    FCA US is extremely proud of its recent success in increasing the number of our minority-owned dealers across the country. In order to continue to develop and grow the number of our minority dealers and candidates, the Company has instituted a number of programs:

    •     Future Dealer Candidate Development Program: Through this program, minority dealer candidates who are existing managers at FCA US dealerships are trained in all aspects of owning and operating a dealership.
    •     National Dealer Council Representation: To ensure minority representation, FCA US reserves one seat for a minority dealer on our National Dealer Council. This is the only reserved position on the Council; all other positions are elected.
    •     Financial Support for the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD): Each year, the Company makes a significant monetary donation to NAMAD to support training and education programs, offer networking opportunities, and provide regulatory updates for minority dealers. FCA US representatives participate in NAMAD’s national convention and industry panels each year to engage minority dealers on relevant topics from a manufacturer’s perspective.
    •     Opportunity to join the Minority Dealers Association (CMDA): An organization made up of FCA US minority dealers committed to diversity initiatives in the automotive industry. CMDA provides opportunities for subsidized dealer training initiatives, as well as business networking and coaching opportunities to ensure that FCA US minority dealers are supported to promote success.

    Our diversity helps us compete in the global marketplace. It allows us to better serve our customers and community around us. We look to our employees for the innovations that will move our business forward. We also look to our Employee Resource Groups as powerful cross-cultural tools, helping us to better understand and market to diverse communities.

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Diversity starts at the top. That’s why  FCA US’ Diversity Statement was penned by Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. and executive sponsor of the Global Diversity Council. The Diversity Statement was signed by the entire Leadership Team and is displayed in every Chrysler facility across North America as a visual commitment for leadership to create an environment where all people are valued and respected, as well as serving as role models of inclusive, respectful behavior.